about us

Bullet Digital Media is a straight talking, sharp shooting digital agency, specialising in the fitness and wellness industries.

Our hand picked team of expert marketers, creatives, digital wizards, and business brains are here to help passionate, forward-thinking business owners like you, bring waves of new customers through the doors and thrive in today’s digital world.

fitness & wellness specialists

We stick to what we know and we know what we’re good at. What we offer isn’t just marketing. Our team brings a depth of industry knowledge and experience, along with unrivalled growth systems and strategies, crafted and fine tuned through years in working alongside some of the best fitness & wellness businesses in the world.

Whether you’re a gym, studio, health club, box or bootcamp. We specialise in raising the profile of your brand, and attracting new, excited and relevant paying customers through your door, month after month.


We don’t do things by halves either. Finding someone to ‘run ads’ is one thing, but that’s just ticking a box, not solving the problem. We deliver a high-quality, end-to-end digital growth solution, that provides every element needed to take your online audience from cold to sold.

grab attention


First things first, you need to cut through the noise and be noticed. 

We create impactful ad content that inspires action, builds trust and leaves your brand etched in your audiences memory..

  • In-House Professional Video Production
  • Award Winning Videographers
  • Digital Ad Creative Consultancy
  • Expert Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Still and Dynamic Ad Graphics
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Multi-Channel Formatting
get enquiries


We use paid Facebook, Insta or Google Ads, with the right offers, marketing prowess and a dash of gunpowder to generate a reliable stream of inbound enquiries that will fuel your future…

  • Paid Social Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Local Targeting 
  • Branded Landing Pages & Funnels
  • Tailored Offer Strategy Engineering
  • Audience Segmentation & Re-targeting
  • Detailed Tracking & Reporting
  • Relentless Split Testing & Optimisation
  • Database Re-Ignition
grow revenue


Make your customers feel valued, give them a seamless experience, help them commit and watch your business flourish.

We provide the tools, systems and training to help you convert leads into loyal customers…

  • Bullet Lead Management System
  • Bespoke Drag & Drop Sales Pipelines
  • In-Built Lead Communication
  • Automated Lead Nurture (email & text)
  • Sales Processes, Tools & Resources
  • Professional Sales Training & Coaching
  • Rewards & Incentives for Client Performance


Business, marketing, technology, content, sales… this stuff is in our blood. We love it! It’s what excites us and drives us. But we didn’t start Bullet to get caught up in the corporate machine. We get our kicks out of helping passionate, ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs, turn their talent into thriving businesses.

Our goal is to use our passion and expertise to provide the business support, systems and digital know-how, along with the energy and hard graft needed to propel your business forward. In turn, giving you the time, freedom and confidence to do more of what you love!

our promise


Seriously. There’s enough out there already.

The world of digital marketing is filled with noise, confusion and self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ selling their 57 secret tips that made their client $8.7 million dollars in 3 hours. It’s impossible to know what to look for or who to trust.

We called our company Bullet because we get straight to the point. As a busy business owner or entrepreneur, the last thing you need is yet another headache.

As our client, you are not only investing in the most effective digital growth system available, you are welcoming a team of sharp, dedicated, collaborative, nonsense-free team of professionals into your business, who talk your language and focus on the stuff that matters.


Book in a free consultation and let’s get started!